Leather Jacket For Tall Women

The transition from winter to spring means a great variation in the weather as it bounces back from cool to warm temperature. This is why stocking up on fabulous coats and jackets that will see you through this uncertainty is very important.

There are my favourite five jackets that you will need to stock for Spring 2017:

Tall Black Parka

One thing I like about the parka is the detailing: zips, buttons, zipped hood, rivets and studs on the shoulder.  The belt offers you the option to clinch the waist if you so wish. The clinched waist will look great when paired with a slim fit trousers with heels or flats for a super chic look.

Parka is the alternative for the standard trench coat. Retail price is £69 from Tall Girls.

The Trench Coat

Based on my past experience, a well fitted coat can make all the difference and is never out of fashion. So rather than go for the cheap and ill fitting version, it’s best to invest in something of high quality like this Tall Neutral Mac £65 from Next.

If you already have the standard trench coat in khaki or black, you might also want to consider having trench coat away from the standard colour, like this Tall indigo 3/4-length trenchcoat. Retail price $175 from Banana Republic.

Retro Leather Biker Jacket

If you are not really a big fan instead of  cardigan, hoodie or other light cover-up, then an alternative to this would be this retro leather biker jacket that will add edge to otherwise simple look. With this leather jacket, you can style it with a simple fitted basic top tank top or t-shirt. If you want to add an element of girliness, you can pair it with feminine pieces like a lace-trimmed tank or floaty tops or dresses. Retail price is £180 from Tall Girls.

Tall Denim Jacket

Denim jacket will always be the classic casual jacket that will never go out of fashion. I usually wear my denim jacket with an oversize tops, fitted tops or with floaty dresses. This washed denim jacket is priced at $69.50 from Gap.

Tall Waterfall Jacket Most people would wear this with a plain looking top. But for me, the key to wearing this waterfall jacket is to pair it with a graphic or sequined top. As the jacket is plain looking, the waterfall design makes it look different.  If you are keen on this, the retail price is £22 from New Look.